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We see it all the time. Too often the policyholder believes everything that their insurance company tells them. One of the few ways insurance companies lose money is when they payout their claims. It makes perfect sense that they minimize their payouts to ensure they maximize their own profits. It’s in the insurance companies’ financial interest to keep your claim amount as low as possible.

Atlantic Adjusting Company Inc.  understands what it takes to protect your assets while maximizing your insurance claim.


Why do you need a Public Insurance Adjuster?

Once you’ve incurred a loss, the insurance company sends their insurance adjuster to investigate your claim. Those adjusters are working for, and getting paid, by the insurance company. They are also looking out for the insurance company’s interest, not yours. He or she is their specialist.

As soon as Atlantic Adjusting Company is retained, our team:

  • Reviews policy coverage and determines the maximum benefits
  • Inspects the loss site immediately
  • Analyzes and records the damages
  • Assembles the necessary supporting documentation concerning your claim
  • Calculates the value of the loss
  • Presents the claim to your insurance carrier
  • Aggressively pursues the processing of your claim
  • Settles the claim quickly and efficiently for the maximum amount you are entitled to

Need expert assistance with insurance claims? Atlantic Adjusting Company is here to help you navigate property damage claims smoothly. Our experienced team ensures you receive fair settlements. Contact us now for professional insurance claim support.


Maximize Insurance Claim

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Insurance Adjuster Essex County

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